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Tax Services including Tax Preparation and Tax Services

For more than 25 years, John has been offering quality tax services emphasizing on accurate tax analysis and year-round tax planning.  John’s firm is dedicated to maximizing clients' federal and state tax-saving opportunities.  John incorporates technological services which provide him with regular updates regarding relevant federal and state tax changes and can then assess the implications associated with these changes for his clients, providing clients with information earlier rather than later which may be impactful. John prepares a weekly tax tip that he emails to his clients and those who wish to receive the tax tips. Please contact us thru our email to be added to this chain.

John makes every effort to help to prevent federal and/or state audits but when the time arises, he is available and provides assistance to his clients and addresses auditors questions and concerns as necessary.  John’s works with everyone involved to have the best possible resolution to any audit and to prevent similar audits for clients in the future.

He is knowledgeable in the complex tax reporting of foreign earned income or foreign investments by  taxation and tax reporting of US Citizens living abroad, US Citizens with foreign income and investments and Foreign Nationals living and working in the US.

Trusts and Estate Taxation

John has expertise in the taxation of trusts and can assist you with initial tax questions if you are creating a new trust or help you to manage and maintain a trust which already exists.  John also provides the tax preparation services associated with trusts and can answer your questions and provide you with the assistance in the Trust's tax filings.

John is knowledgeable in estate tax filings including, the differing federal and state tax laws and the implications on those estates. He can advise on the deductibility of expenses against the estate and prepares final tax returns for deceased taxpayers.

Additionally, John has provided estate consultation for US Citizens who passed away while living and outside of the United States and the tax implications associated with their estate.

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